Culture Couture has been established as writing idea already years ago, inspired by many blogs and websites who portrait powerful people, tell fascinating stories and discover the wonders of our world. It grew during when I was visiting hundreds of different places and it has been coloured with the personal stories of the people I met on these journeys.

What we experience is directly connected to the environment we live in, to the politics we take part in and the economic processes that surround us. This interwovenness of history, society and anthropology makes it sometimes difficult to communicate between each other. The aim of Culture Couture is to capturize these spheres and their interwovenness, as we try to sew a piece of clothes. This way we can improve our shared understanding towards each other and might quickly realize, that we are not as different as we believe. This understanding, this empathy, is the fundament for a more beautiful world to live in.  

Culture Couture stands for the small and big stories of humankind. It stands for the cultural differences we find among us, that do not tear us apart, but rather bring us closer together. We are all unique, we all have a story to tell that no one ever has told before. This is what Culture Couture is about, to create a channel where we can tell our stories, find people who are interested in learning about alternative perspectives, or who share some same experiences.

About me

I am one from the naturally curious, discovering places and the beauty of life every day in a new way. I feel energized by adventures, challenges and the luring richness of the world. I wonder too much, and likewise, sometimes not enough. But this page is about many things and only at very last about me.

About you

This page is not about me, even though you will read my opinion and my experiences through it. Instead, this page wants to create a common space where we feel safe to share our experiences, opinions and ideas. A space, where we can find ourselves, but also discover new things about the other.